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Today I yelled at a girl. Those who know me, know that I don’t yell. She said something along the lines of “he let them put lip stick on his lips, he’s obviously gay.” She didn’t even know his name. Everybody put the lip stick on, its pep rally and all the boys had it on their faces. Putting on lipstick doesn’t make someone ‘gay’ and he was just having fun with his friends. BUT, on top of that… love is love. Who he loves does not matter, as long as he loves. Love is beautiful, and does not discriminate. As a 14 year old, she wouldn’t know what love is, so why judge? As long as he is happy, I am happy. And I will fight that until the end.

Pass the rice. Please..?: I am so disgusted


A lesbian couple was kissing in front of my bus. Kissing, not making out, not ferociously groping at each other, these were sweet kisses made from love. Of course, watching an intimate moment in public would make most people uncomfortable, regardless of the sexual orientation of the couple in…

Amen, love is love


Is Doctor Who a Religion?

Dr. Who is one of the longest running TV shows on the BBC, and it’s got a huge fandom surrounding it, called Whovians. And while it might not seem like, Whovianism, might just be RELIGION!!!!! Whovians, like other passionate fan cultures, create art & fan fiction and engage in a strong remix and cosplay culture. But it’s more than that. Dr. Who provides a philosophy; a way of understanding the universe. Fans embrace this in ways that are similar to most world religions: a positive influence that changes their approach to daily life. Also, the Tardis makes a pretty great shrine!

Special thanks to Chris Myers for helping with research on this episode!!!!

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